Nacional Distributor
We are "Dahua" and "Hikvision Hiwatch Series" agent of Iberia.
916 421 995 / 916 420 986
Anti- theft
Depending on the width of the step and the type of product type, we will choose one of the different ranges available. The wide variety of labels and alarms EAS, electronic item protection, allow you to obtain the best security solution for each sector, fashion stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, electronics or specialty stores, there are specific solutions to protect any type of product.
TPV system
TPV system for business, economic and intuitive that adapts perfectly to all types of businesses From small premises to chains or franchises
Security Alarm
Anti-theft consumables
Label to avoid any type of theft or robbery in clothes and footwear.
Suitable for any type of fashion items.
It is necessary to use a decoupler to remove the label.
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